December 11th 1869:

“A very miserable day. Called up to see a man who had a fit at the other end of town, and as I cannot yet overcome my dislike to visit and take upon myself responsibilities owing to my great ignorance of medicine, I did not manifest any hurry. When I went down word was brought to me that the man was dead. I fear my acting so slowly must have lowered me very much in the estimation of both Dr Bucknell and Mrs Bucknell, both of whom I cannot help disliking…Went up to Cork by 10.45 train, returned by seven, commenced dissecting  brain, took stock of pecuniary affairs and find myself heavily in debt as my account book will show. Day dry but very cold. Read 2nd Chapter Matthew.”

Taken from the diary of my great-grandfather, George Vickery, who was employed as an apprentice Apothecary in Skibbereen, Southern Ireland, while also studying to be a doctor at Cork University

(Extracted from The Bit in the Middle: the Curiously Comic Tale of a Gardener in the Scottish Highlands.  An Ebook by Patrick Vickery)